Group Members:
Mr. Cook

Title of Vodcast

Flaming Hands Demonstration from Phil Cook on Vimeo.

(This video is just a placeholder.)
Chemistry Background Information
Here is where you would provide a detailed breakdown of the chemical concepts involved in the demonstration and seen in your created vodcast. Remember, your vodcast should be geared towards first year chemistry students. The background information section is where you show your stuff. Really dig into the chemistry in this section. Include diagrams as appropriate and make sure you are thorough.

Additional Resources:
This is where you would place any files that you create for assessment and/or followup. Examples could be a worksheet, a related web-based chemistry game, powerpoint, etc.

References/Useful Links:
Provide links that you feel would be useful to help students understand the concepts involved with your demonstration/vodcast. Any websites or texts that you used as resources should also be linked here.

*NOTE* This is just a basic template. Feel free to modify it and make it your own!