Etiquette in Cyberspace

Be smart when collaborating with others online. Consider these simple tips when contributing/editing/collaborating on a website, wiki, or when posting items to Edmodo:
  1. Respect the work of others. Collaboration means the work is jointly done and all "editors" share the responsibility for the level of quality and completeness. It's OK to review and constructively critique the work others are completing. In most wikis you'd be welcome to do directly edit the contents of any page. Place any critical comments/suggestions on the DISCUSSION pages.
  2. Be constructive, not destructive.
  3. Good writing means writing clearly and concisely.
  4. If it is on the web, it is no longer PRIVATE, but PERMANENT. Comments can find their way onto search engines via a variety of means. Carefully consider what you post.
These notes were adapted from "Cyber Etiquette" from the AVHS-APUSH wiki.